What are my goals for the website?

As you’re thinking about creating a website, it’s helpful to define your goals. Your website is your online storefront and presence. It’s important that it represents you in a professional manner. Beyond that, what else does the website need to accomplish? For one thing, your website needs to quickly tell visitors what you do and what you offer. You want visitors to arrive at your site, read a few lines, and think, “Ah, I’m in the right place.” It’s also helpful to answer questions your visitors might have. Put yourself in their position and think about what’s most helpful to them

Why can’t I just create a Facebook page and forget the website?

Good question. Some businesses have done that successfully. But the main reason against this strategy is simple: you don’t own the social media platforms. If Facebook were to shut down tomorrow or change the rules about businesses on the site, you could be out of luck. They make the rules. On your website, however, you’re the ruler, as long as you pay attention to the next question.

Who owns the domain name?

The correct answer should be YOU. (The domain name is the name of your website, the something-something.com that represents you.) Even if you choose to have a web designer set up your domain name and host your website, the domain name and the hosting should be registered in your name or your company name. Otherwise, you don’t own it and if your web designer disappeared off the face of the earth, you would not own your website name.

Do you like the work the we have done for others?

Make sure you check the portfolio of the our site. We have different strengths and design sensibilities, and they need to mesh with yours. If anyone doesn't have a portfolio run.

How will we make your website SEO friendly?

Search Engine Optimization, sometimes called SEO, is a big buzzword that encompasses all kinds of techniques that you don’t necessarily need to know a whole lot about, We build the website to be Search Engine friendly and use techniques that help with SEO such as URL Rewriting, Keyword density and making sure your content is relevant

How easy will it be for you to make changes to your website?

In the olden days (which is to say 5-10 years ago!) websites had to be updated by the web designer. Every change, from adding a word to changing a comma placement, had to be made by the designer. No more! We have built a simple “content management systems” (CMS) so that you can make your own changes.

Who’s going to do the writing?

If you cannot provide or do not have the tome to provide content we would hire a website content copywriter. This would be charged in addition to your website and we would put you in contact with the copywriter and you would need to pay him direct. This way you know what you are paying and you will see that we are a transparent company without hidden costs or infated rates for other peoples services if required.